The kitchen in the standard package is all you need to get going as a streetfood or festival kitchen, however, you might have ideas or wishes on creating more atmosphere around your “product”. Maybe you want to have wooden skirtings around the container, or a little deck in front of it, that your guests can hang out on. Or even a deck on top of your container so they can enjoy the great food you have made while looking around the special location they are eating on. Maybe you want your container to show attitude or playfulness. We at Box Creators are very happy to help you with those solutions as well, as it is a field we also master.

From graffiti to marble...

We have many different solutions on how to create atmosphere around your kitchen. The carpenter has many great solutions, so do the blacksmith, but the electrician might also have some ideas on how lighting can be used in a more expressive way that will make your kitchen shine even more! We also have a small team of very skilled graffiti artists, who can help you out with decorating your kitchen container - if that should be the expression you are aiming for.


From Idea to Delivery


Design and Atmosphere

From Graffiti to Marble



The Box Creators Team